3-level treasure box

tonight i was a guest on the creative cynchronicity live webcast—andrea currie and i talked about our experience on craft wars and we each did our own "re-do" of our pop craft from the show. click here to watch the replay!

for our first challenge on craft wars, called the pop craft, we had to make a kid's treasure box in just one hour, and we had to incorporate little keys and locks.

we built an 18" tall house from scratch, with a hinged roof covered in felt. it had kind of a woodland look, so we called it a gnome's home...the imaginary gnome would guard the kid's treasures inside.

for the webcast tonight, andrea made a mini-version of our gnome's country home, so i decided to make our gnome his own little city house.

it's 8" tall; each of the levels are thick paperboard boxes. i drilled holes in the corner of each so they could pivot open on long threaded rods in the corners, held in place with little washers and hex nuts. i still need to trim one of the rods a little shorter - you can see it peeking up at the top.
in one corner, the rod goes through all three levels. in the other corner, a second rod goes through just the top two levels. i made the roof from corrugated paper and metal corner clips, and embellished with washi tape and gems.

here are the supplies i used:
• corrugated paper
• washi tape (similar design)
• idea-ology metal corners (similar design)
• idea-ology box feet
• idea-ology configurations boxes
• 6" threaded rods #8-32
• bolt cutter
• japanese screw punch
• #8-32 hex nuts and #8 flat washers
• self-adhesive rhinestones (similar type)