the thundershower

one of the christmas gifts i received from my mother was this umbrella featuring a really cool painting (1917-18) from an american artist named h. lyman sayen.

his work was a mix of fauvism and futurism; he was also an inventor and and electrical engineer.

from a press release about a 2002 exhibit that included this painting...
the pulse of modern life animates sayen's dancers in “the thundershower,” which foreshadows the decorative patterns of art deco style. sayen studied with matisse in paris and was among the first to introduce avant-garde styles to america.

i love this prophetic 1914 quote from sayen...
modern art… is all spontaneity and requires an equally spontaneous apprehension. to feel it requires a quickening of the spirit. it has revealed to us men of great power. picasso and matisse will, I believe, exert a powerful influence for a long time on painting and sculpture.