chocolate coma

uni (top) based her atc on the pure imagination song
and cathy made the chocolate lake and waterfall
there was definitely more dunking than there was swapping at our local atc group get-together this past week. with willy wonka as our theme, we thought it was appropriate to enjoy some chocolate fondue. here are the fun artist trading cards that i received from my group.
valerie and i ended up using the same image of wonka's utter exasperation,
and liz trapped a golden ticket under an icy sidewalk  
despite an interesting discovery that the non-dairy version of chocolate chips burn in the microwave, which allowed our host the opportunity to confirm that the smoke alarm works in her new home, we had a terrific time dipping loads of different fruits and snacks into the regular chocolate, as we shared which parts of the "charlie and the chocolate factory" story inspired us to make our cards.
donna made wonka bars and we all got golden tickets