Sunday, June 26, 2011

fun with inktense pencils

just a little before and after on textured paper...lightly draw and shade, then blend with a damp brush and watch the colors pop! click the pic to zoom in.


  1. I always loved my inktense pencils and a little goes a long way once they get hit by the water they suddenly appear in all their intensity ! :) Love that sunshine bursting ! :)

  2. I love my watercolour pencils. So much much not just for paper but fabric as well!

  3. Wonderful work!
    i like how you've chosen to use space in this one. Very dynamic piece.
    I love Inktense too--their colors are really finer than many others I could mention.
    But how come Derwent offered them once as water impermeable once one's paintings are dry? :(
    On the other hand, they do blend nicely and are brilliant. Guess my love/hate wouldn't apply in this case. You be the judge.


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