black lava & white flakes

a few weeks ago on a creative edventures webcast with a black & white theme, i shared an idea for working with two liquitex texture gel mediums - black lava and white opaque flakes.

i painted the mediums with a wide, stiff brush on to 4" squares of gessoed cardboard to show how each medium looks on a black surface (right) vs a white surface (left). both squares have the white opaque flakes on the bottom, and black lava on top.

my samples became covers for an atc wallet with accordion-folded pockets made from lutradur. click the pics to zoom in. I made an adjustable flat black ribbon with a buckle to wrap around it to keep it closed.

click here for the instructions for making the pockets.


  1. Very cool! I've been struggling with how to use my jar of opaque flakes and just might have saved that jar from being a decorative item on my shelf.

  2. oh this is really neat! nice to meet you through PPF!

  3. I love the black and white beautiful


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