Saturday, June 25, 2011

atc club - all taped up

in my local atc group, our challenge this month was to use any kind of tape on our cards - not just as an adhesive, but as a visual part of the art. click the pic to zoom in.

clockwise from the upper right:  vanne made a little music mini book with silky medical tape on the pages. liz used inked and crinkled silver duct tape for the background of her love card. cathy pleated and fringed bright red and blue duct tapes. i used art tape, gaffer tape and painter's tape to make a geometric design (i was thinking about the artist, piet mondrian)



  1. What a wonderful challenge. It's always fun to see the creativity that people come up with using such ordinary material. Great ATCs!

  2. I really like the pleated tape. Different! (in a good way) :-) Julie

  3. Great ideas and very, very cute ATCs!


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