Monday, May 02, 2011

suddenly swappin'

my atcs:  beautiful (left) and circumference 

my friend lisa from across the bay (aka my sistah from anothah muthah) just got her creative mojo brewin' we're swappin' a pair of atcs today! i always keep plenty of hand-painted background papers on hand for just such a sudden occasion.

the beautiful card was made with a stripe & scratch technique i enjoy doing with acrylics and a fluid medium. there are two backgrounds for the circumference card - the base is some random paint stamping with the edge of a circle cookie cutter, and the overlay was made by dripping alcohol inks on to translucent vellum paper and letting them spread and merge together. you can click on the image to zoom in if ya wanna.

here are the fabulous cards that lisa made which will be coming my way...she posted them on facebook and i staked my claim just as soon as i saw them! i love her use of colors and crackle medium.
lisa's atcs:  flying flower (left) and spiral flora


  1. The ATCs are beautiful. Both of you ladies are very talented and creative!

  2. Great work from both of you sistahs! Valerie

  3. wow! What an incredible blog you have ...a world of colour and creativity...So glad you found me :)
    I LOVE the wall display boxes you have full of ATC's..incredible collection of inspiration from around the world. Fantastic!

  4. Lisa: Love your ATCs. Just made my first few a couple of weeks ago and it was so fun! Found you through PPF (it takes me a while to visit all the artists that gather there). Love your blog and the wooden display boxes you found for ATCs. Thx for the inspiration!

  5. YOur ATC's are great, lovely color and motion. I haven't tried them. When I do miniatures I tend to get waaay too involved in the detail and would be there forever! Happy PPF!


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