Monday, April 18, 2011

steampunk atcs

these atcs were created by (clockwise from top left):
valerie, donna, uni, cathy, liz, and tarri
tonight i hosted a local atc group with about 6-8 women who meet once a month...and my theme was steampunk! click on the image once or twice to zoom in and see all the wonderful detail.

this group has been going for quite a few years now - it began in a local scrapbook store that closed a couple years ago, so now each member takes turns hosting in our homes. i went a few times a year or more ago, and i just started back up with them last month. i admire this group so much for staying together for so long!

each month we decide on a theme and we all make cards for everyone. we linger lovingly over the swapping part of the evening. we each take a turn handing out the atcs we made, and we share all the details...what inspired us, where we found our materials, what techniques we used.

then one of us shares a demo or we all make something - last month we did a really fun improvisational round robin, where we each started an atc background, then rotated the cards to each person to add a little something extra - a layer, a stamped image, some distressing, a border, an embellishment. each atc turned out completely different and unique.

tonight i did a demo on how to use alcohol inks to marbleize translucent vellum paper - perfect for atc or greeting card backgrounds.

a very enjoyable evening! next month our theme is my thinking cap on!


  1. love steampunk and the cards are fab!

  2. You have made some great things together. Lovely ide to meet and scrap,too! Valerie

  3. These are fantastic! I have never tried anaything 'steampunk' fact I need to research it.
    Thank you for sharing.


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