Saturday, April 30, 2011

needlefelting nirvana

ocean sunset
silk and merino wool roving on lutradur

i think i could needlefelt all's creative, easy, quick, forgiving, fun, artistic, crafty, stress-draining...what more could you want? click here to watch last week's episode of wednesday night live, where i demonstrate lots of needlefelting techniques, tips and project ideas. try it, you'll like it!

autumn leaf
variegated hand-dyed wool roving with yarn on wool felt


  1. lovely work! Glad you have found you -- I'm a weaver, but have a needle felting kit I never got to open so this is inspiring~

  2. Well, I don't think I would say "quick", but I agree with the rest....LOVE felting as a form of therapy and it helped me quit smoking, so would say it was a life saver as well .

  3. It looks so wonderfully soft and cuddly. I have the stuff to start right here, someday, I will!

  4. Glad you have discovered needle felting. I will have to have a go at using the lutradur as a foundation, it looks great. I use an embellisher and have been doing a bit of experimenting in the last month - might be of interest.

    happy felting


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