primal green

recently i joined a quilt guild, contemporary quilt & fiber artists. the women in this group spent a whole year arranging for a special member exhibit of art quilts called "primal green" at the san francisco public library to celebrate earth runs through the end of july.

i am still a beginner with fiber art and quilting, and i have only made a few pieces so far, but i really wanted to submit something - such an amazing opportunity!  my piece was accepted, along with the amazing and inspiring work of 19 other artists - so exciting!

the sf library is a huge facility, i'm going this weekend to see the exhibit for myself. these pics were taken by my friend and fellow cqfa member, jaye lapachet.

my little rosebud quilt, puckered seams and all, is in a display case (left) with a killer view of san francisco city hall.

here is my post from last year when i first made this quilt for a challenge that was displayed at the quilt show for my local county guild that i also belong has more details about my materials and design. 

i gave the quilt to my mom as a gift last spring, but when i heard about the environmental theme of the cqfa show, i thought this image was a good fit so i snagged it back off her wall, lol! i love the fragrant rosebushes in my front yard - i am always amazed at how stark they are in the winter and how beautiful they are when the blooms return each year.


  1. It's still lovely even if it is puckers. That's texture, isn't it?

  2. Your piece looks professional! You should be very proud. The light was so bright that I wasn't able to get much detail. Should we hope for fog on Sat to get more detail? ;-)

  3. This is beautiful Lisa... I am so proud of you!! Both that you did such a good job as a 'newbie' and that you entered it! I think you did such a good job... and imagine... its own display case! How nice is that!!

  4. PS I linked to your post on my post!

  5. I miss it on my wall. I was raised in SF so to have it there is meaningful on another level. I love City Hall. Going there often as a kid to walk up and down the expansive interior gilded staircase looking up to the high dome was always fun. I'll have to see my quilt in that window soon.


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