indigo improv

there just aren't any mistakes in mixed media, that's what i love about it. you can just layer and blend until you like what you get. for me, it's more about the journey than the destination. i just love the process of experimenting with different mediums and materials, seeing how they react with each other, complement or contrast with each other. every once in a while i toss something, but usually i can turn it around.

this batch of atcs that i made for one of my groups was all about improvisation, based upon a single word...indigo. i just sat down with a couple different shades of blue paint and began creating with absolutely no clue where it was going. so much fun! if i didn't like something, i layered over it. I love messy and distressed backgrounds with something more defined in the foreground, which is a popular style amongst mixed media artists today. i also love blending paint, fibers and metallic elements together.

i posted the details of the materials and techniques i used on the arts in the cards blog.


  1. Whoa! This is loaded with style and impact! Love it!

  2. this is cool too.... I do like blue..


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