Wednesday, March 09, 2011

hot hot hot!

a couple times a year at c&t publishing where i work, we hold a craft camp for the staff. the quilters, sewers, artists and crafters among us pick one of our newer books or products and create a project to teach. it gives us a break from our computer monitors, and also gives us a better appreciation for what we spend all day producing and selling!

my co-worker ruthmary taught us how to sew a hot pad with insul-fleece® and raw-edge appliqué, inspired by patterns found in the book, tile quilt revival. she provided us with wonderful instructions, templates, and measurements...but in my true shortcut queen style, i tossed all that and went rogue with my scissors.

rather than mitering the corners, i pinched them up so they look kinda like little finials or something, i think it's a cute shortcut. there are two layers of insul-fleece, so it's nice and thick, it will protect the table where you want to place a hot dish. i did just a minimal amount of quilting around the edges of the appliqué shapes and some straight lines that cross through the center.

i shared what i learned on tonight's webcast - click here if you want to learn how to make one for yourself in fabrics that match your table linens, they are pretty quick to stitch up.

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  1. I love how you went "rogue" (good beer by the way) and made it your own. It's a goal of make it my own.



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