cowgirl collage

next week i will be a featured guest on rebecca parson's show, mixin' it up! on the cool2craft network.

in the show, i will give lots of tips about my personal approach to designing a collage - i hope you'll check it out - the whole show has a western theme with a terrific variety of projects.

here are my basic instructions to make yourself a fun collage like this (click on the picture to enlarge). i just love the paper i found for the wording. it's a letter from a woman scorned to a man she never wants to lay eyes on again...goes well with the gun-totin' cowgirl, dont'cha think? :-)


  • 6"x9" cardstock for foundation (2 pieces)
  • matte gel medium and brush
  • variety of scrapbook papers - neutrals, brights, patterns, words
  • yarn, brads, metal photo corners
  • vintage photocopy of a cowgirl

tear and/or trim 3-4 strips of neutral papers, lay them side by side vertically and adhere to your cardstock foundation with the matte gel medium to create a background.

using a lit match, carefully burn the edges of your vintage photo, blowing out the flame quickly after igniting the paper. work safely over a metal tray and keep a water mister bottle close by, just in case!

trim, layer, and adhere two pieces of contrasting bright color papers together for a frame and adhere the photo on top of them; adhere all but the lower corners of the frame to the background.

tear a piece of paper with words or poetry on it that compliments your photo, and tuck it under the corner of the frame, glue it all down.

glue a few patches of patterned papers on top, and punch your brads in as desired. wrap some yarn "rope" around one edge and tape down on the back. embellish the photo frame with decorative metal corners.

adhere the foundation to the second piece of cardstock to hide the brad prongs and yarn edges....and enjoy!


  1. Congrats on your coming guest spot. This collage is so artistic and love the sense of fluidty about it.

  2. hey1 Have fun with your expanding notoriety! And "break a leg" as we say in the theatre(we never wish each other good luck--the horror!)
    And thank you for this unique idea. I love the idea your letter is all about the woman scorning, not scorned. Fun!


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