Wednesday, February 23, 2011

springtime table runner

this was a fun project that i shared on wednesday night live recently. the lutradur gives it some really fun texture, as well as some extra stability to keep the runner flat on your table...enjoy!

- background fabric (runner) to fit your table
   (mine is approx 12" x 48")

- ultra-light lutradur
- painted fabric scraps
- spray ink in a color to match fabric
- bonash fusing powder
- glue stick
- silicone release paper

1. hem the edges of your runner with a 1/4" seam.

2. spritz a strip of ultra-light lutradur with spray ink, allow to dry (tip: spray the lutradur on top of a large piece of watercolor paper or plain cotton, then you'll have an interesting painted pattern on the paper/cotton when you remove the lutradur...a two-fer!).

3. cut a variety of painted fabric scraps into circles, triangles, leaves and petals. painted fabric works nicely because the edges don't fray when cut.

4. arrange your scraps however you like to create a random floral pattern on your runner - focus the design just on the ends, or just in the center, or all over.

5. use just a dab of glue stick to adhere scraps in place on your runner.

6. cut the ultra-light lutradur to the best size to cover your floral pattern.

7. sprinkle a moderate amount of bonash fusing powder on top of the pattern, over the entire area where the lutradur will lay.

8. position the lutradur on top of the powdered area the way you want it, cover with a sheet of non-stick silicone release paper, and press with a hot iron to fuse the lutradur to your runner, trapping your floral pattern in between (the paper will protect your iron).

9. stitch around the edges of the lutradur to finish it off, and stitch around the edges of your fabric scrap shapes to embellish, if desired.


  1. You can have so much fun with Lutrador. Great colours! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Isn't lutradur great! I love the texture and the open airy feel it gives to a piece.


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