Sunday, February 13, 2011

An oldie but a goodie!

Here are the instructions for turning a plain white Ready-to-Go!® Blank Board Box into a gorgeous treasure chest for cosmetics, jewelry or other special trinkets and mementos. I made this one a couple years ago and I am ready to make another! 

1. Start by painting the entire outside and the inside edges of the lid with black acrylic gesso, allow to dry with the lid open.

2. Paint a thin coat of glazing medium all over the outside to give it a nice glossy sheen. Allow to dry with the lid open.

3. To line the inside of the box, trim 6 sheets of paper to fit the sides, bottom and under the lid. Adhere each sheet with a thin coat of matte gel medium, allow to dry. To seal, paint another thin coat of medium over the tops of all the papers, and also over the black inside the lid.

4. If desired, squeeze some puff paint in the seams and corners to cover where the papers meet, allow to dry.

5. Adhere some mirrored mosaic tiles with craft glue inside the lid.

6. Print out a clip-art geisha image, or use a rub-on, on to cardstock. Highlight areas of the image with glossy accents medium, allow to dry. Adhere image to top of box with some matte gel medium.

7. Use craft glue to adhere decorative ribbon around the edge of box and lid as desired.

8. Add a decorative button to the front of the lid with craft glue, so it acts as a handle.


  1. Hello Lisa,

    Wow! Very stylish! Are you planning to fill it up tomorrow...Valentine's Day?

    ~ Gabriela ~

  2. Very stylish .. what was the size of the "Blank box" Guess didn't read everything.

  3. Thanks - the box is 6.75" x 4.75" x 3.75"

  4. Love this Lisa Liza Lou! Thank you for inspiring.


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