Wednesday, January 19, 2011

indie file box

tonight on wednesday night live, i shared some cool textural painting techniques for decorating an indie file box. click here for the replay link if you want to watch the show and have some fun! my crafty sistah andrea currie was my guest demonstrator - her project rocked!

here's my finished box - i dabbed a stucco-ish texture on the sides, then added a curvy scraped pattern to the top with a paint scraper tool. after that was dry, i stamped it heavily and randomly with dark purple ink. i used a dahlia shaped stamp and overlapped it all messy-like. i used a marker to line the edge all around the lid to finish it off. then i adhered some cute ribbon and a giant button and done! click on the pics to see them larger for more detail.

here's a link to another pretty indie file box i made a couple years ago - turned out nice, looks like a black lacquered finish.


  1. fabulous file box,loving the colours
    have a great day today
    hugs June

  2. Great job Missy, I love the button!!!


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