Wednesday, June 16, 2010

a little more tapping

just another little fabric postcard i made - the base is timtex, edged with a green marker. the background is a piece of white cotton streaked with acrylic inks.

my pink flower photo was printed on to
tap paper, and i colored the flower centers with a yellow marker before transferring the image to a piece of lutradur. i tucked the flower image into a little fold of the fabric, added ribbon and a button, and stitched it all down.

one day i'd love to have a whole wall display of postcard art. right now i have some displayed on a postcard rack i bought years ago from an old neighborhood drug store that was going out of business.


  1. its singing and tap dancing Lisa..very nice tapping here

  2. Lisa... I am loving what you are doing, I am waiting for my TAP... have some lutradur ready to go.. who knows what will happen.
    I had a happy accident with my last sheet of TAP that I will soon be posting about... such fun!


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