geisha atc

here's how to make this cute little atc of a geisha writing a letter on a scroll. i get most of my clip-art and imagery from the free samples available at dover publications.

1. paint a rough oval of yellow on white linen embossed cardstock, allow to dry.

2. print an oval shaped border on to tap paper, trim it out and transfer it with your iron on top of the yellow paint (place a sheet of release paper between your iron and the card to prevent melting any paint onto the surface of your iron).

3. brush roughly around the edges of the card with a purple stamp pad.

4. adhere a small picture of a geisha in the center of the border.

5. tie an overhand knot in a short length of thin black ribbon. wrap it behind the card in one corner and adhere ribbon ends to the back.

6. punch a small hole beneath the ribbon, insert a small brad through the center hole of a chinese coin embellishment.

7. adhere your completed card to another blank backer card, to hide the ends of the ribbon and brad in between.


  1. very nice..really enjoyed the TAP demos

    have a good weekend

  2. Hmmm. . . I'm feeling anything but "geisha-ish". Instead I'm singing, "Gonna wash that man right out of my hair, that one and the whole pack of them!
    Can't wait to see you!

  3. coolness! I love the pocketwatch-heart piece


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