a new mantra

stop hoarding.
start creating.

these words speak to me, how about you? i don't hoard much, but i do love my art and craft supplies. so i am trying to use those supplies as my source of inspiration and motivation.

i haven't been making many greeting cards lately, so i'm starting there.

i have all these pretty papers with artistic images and patterns. i'm challenging myself to combine two papers that might, at first glance, appear to not go together. i'm sticking with very simple card layouts and embellishments - i want the essence of the card to be about the papers.


  1. These are beautiful! And I love the mantra. I tend to hoard ...case in point my cross stitch supplies which would enable me to stitch for the next 10years probably!

  2. Hoarding is VERY different from 'collecting'; as in antiques or fine art.
    Living with special collections can add great pleasure to each day. Eyes setting upon an item which has personal memories attached, or looking upon a painting so wonderful one has to marvel again at the talent of the artist, can make life worthwhile.

  3. Gorgeous cards ! X Fab

  4. these are lovely cards I have got loads of stuff hoarded or should I say collected!


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