Thursday, March 04, 2010

commissioned project

my coworker commissioned me to make a super-rush birthday card and gift for her mother-in-law. i strung some pretty hematite and agate beads together to make a simple necklace with matching earrings (which i completely forgot to snap a picture of). she said the gift went over well - yay!

here is the birthday card, a quick and easy layout. i just love using fine art postcards as focus paper, this is from a postcard book i bought at the museum when they had the monet in normandy exhibit, called waterlilies and japanese bridge.

  1. trim white cardstock to 7"x10" and score in the center to fold to 5"x7"
  2. distress the edges with a stamp pad - i chose purple
  3. choose a patterned or image-rich focus paper - such as a cropped art postcard - cut it to 3"x4" then choose two contrasting background papers to frame it
  4. trim the background papers, one larger 4.5"x6.5" and the other smaller 4"x6"; use a pinking blade if desired
  5. adhere the focus paper off-center to the smaller frame with a tape runner, then adhere the smaller frame to the larger frame (centered)
  6. choose one wide ribbon and two narrow ribbons in sheer coordinating colors; layer and wrap around the paper stack as shown above; secure ribbons on the back of the larger frame with tape
  7. center and adhere the paper stack to the front of the white cardstock with dimensional glue dots
  8. embellish with self-adhesive crystals


  1. I can't believe that was a super-rush job. Looks wonderful. Love the use of 3 ribbons. Great inspiration. thanks

  2. beautiful elegant card of one of my fav paintings too..the beads sound your beads necklaces on the pj party and thanks for your great comments on my landscape..finally getting my mojo back again after the sinus problems


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