Sunday, February 14, 2010

wristlet purse

this started as a make-n-take at last summer's cha show with traci bautista. i just quickly spray-painted a flower stencil on one side of a plain wristlet and then painted the petals with a few different colors of acrylic paint. i couldn't stay at her booth long enough to finish it, but was happy for the opportunity to meet traci, whose mixed-media art i really like.

so this little ufo finally resurfaced this weekend and i decided to finish it with paint markers and iridescent medium. i added a few stitches with embroidery floss, too. wristlets come in handy whenever you don't want to lug around your whole purse - how fun to carry one you painted yourself!


  1. it's much cuter than a fanny pack..

  2. we call these clutch bags in the UK..the comment mentioned by anon would have a completely different meaning in the UK!!! I like traci bautistas style too especially all her graffiti like doodles


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