still feelin a bit quilty

i am not really a quilter, but i pretend from time to time. i love beautiful quilts and i love the texture of fabric in creative projects, but all the planning and measuring and cutting is not so much for me. i like to create more on the fly, design as i go, let the mojo do whatever it wants to do.

so i looked up some different quilt blocks and found one called augusta. i used it as inspiration to paint an 8" quilt block on timtex layered with a 6" square of lutradur. i played with my dearly beloved textile tool to carve the star points and emboss a little 9-patch pattern around the edge.

  1. spritz an 8" square of timtex and a 6" square of lutradur with 2 contrasting colors of spray ink; allow to dry
  2. use acrylic paint and/or paint markers to draw and fill in the shapes you like from the quilt block - keep it loose like i did or be precise, whatever you prefer - allow to dry
  3. heat up the textile tool and use the fine point to carve some of the shapes into the lutradur, and use the square tip to deboss some texture into the timtex
  4. attach the two squares together with small brads at each corner
original augusta block diagram comes from the quilt block library.


  1. Lisa.. this is positively a great little block... and yes... a series should be in the works. I heard on the TV tonight watching the Olympics a new phrase...'tremendously tremendous'..that is how I would describe this piece.... and from one who was first a traditional quilter!


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