Monday, February 08, 2010

red romance

valentine's day projects are running amuck (amuck, amuck, amuck!) - so what the hey, here's mine!

it started with a little red wax envelope seal of the first letter of my name....oh and looky there, it's the first letter of "love" too!

i attacked the cover of a
heart-shaped blank board book with my red stamp pad, using the edges of the pad to create a distressed, edgy geometric texture, perfect for the words within.

the words i chose to write on the inside pages are lyrics from classic rock ballads...they offer some of the best romantic poetry around. selecting lyrics was easy as a, b, c !

aerosmith - i don't want to miss a thing
beatles - i want to hold your hand
chicago - color my world

i stamped the edges of the inside pages randomly with a floral pattern, then dabbed pink paint in the center. the modern flowers images throughout are rub-ons. i used a paint marker to color the edges of all the pages red.

now i'm off to find more lovey-dovey lyrics from def leppard, eagles, foreigner, genesis, heart, iron maiden, jefferson airplane, kansas, led zeppelin, moody blues, night ranger, ozzy osbourne, pink floyd, queen, rolling stones, styx, tina turner, u2, van halen, whitesnake, exodus, yardbirds, and zz top.


  1. A great Valentine gift idea!

  2. Sweet idea! You sure find a lot of ways to use the board books!

  3. you have got me singing the songs now.. valentine is going to love this

    Used that bleach pen today

  4. Delightful. Very creative. Oh, now I want to make one!!!


  5. Can't wait to see this demoed live this Tuesday on Craft-Tastic!


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