Sunday, February 07, 2010

no shirt, no superbowl

question posed on twitter by my friend kelly jo: "how will you make the superbowl crafty?"

my response: "i {hate} football, so i will make it crafty by ignoring it and retreating to my studio!"

but then disaster brother had nothing to wear to his superbowl party today.

he has probably a hundred printed tee shirts in his closet, and he loves picking out just the right shirt for every occasion. since his favorite football team, the 49ers, isn't in the superbowl...he decided to root for the saints. his friend invited him over to watch the game, but alas, he didn't have a saints tee shirt - and i did not feel like driving across town to the department store.

what to do?

i got out the iron, the tap paper, the liquitex paints (how much do i love that they don't need heatsetting on fabric), some brushes and sponges, and one of his plain tee shirts...and just a scant 30 minutes later...crisis averted.


  1. Yahoo...hope the Saints win, but at 1/2 time they are behind.

    Best use yet of those paints Lisa! Lucky for him that your favorite image is the Fleur de Lis.

  2. Great, great shirt. I think you brought the Saints good luck! Your brother certainly has the best Saints t-shirt now!


  3. Girl, you so rock! What a great sister you are.

  4. I dont like football sons and husband are more into rock music which is great as the price of football kits is what you have done for your brother it looks great and I bet he is very proud of what his big sister designed for him especially.
    I am experimenting with the bleach pen at the far it works really well on distress to try all the other mediums before I make something

  5. Great job, Lisa!!! what a great sis you are!!


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