back to the abc's...i mean atc's

i just set up a new fan page for lisa liza lou designs on facebook, and my first order of business was to organize a monthly artist trading card swap via mail. if you want to join in the fun, the details are at the end of this post.

the theme this month is "dreams," to be interpreted however you wish. i painted the backgrounds for these 3 atcs while i was demonstrating in the liquitex booth at cha.

• i dream of visiting paris again someday (inchie courtesy of my pal lisa morris)
• the picasso quote about art reminds me why i felt so driven to stop dreaming about being an artist and just be one
• the last one is abstract with a hint of something recognizable, like waking up from a dream feels sometimes

here are the instructions for joining this month's swap - all styles and skill levels are welcome.

theme - dreams

deadline - 3/6/10

1) sign up by emailing me with your mailing address ( i will not share your mailing address with anyone. i will email you back with my mailing address.

2) create an atc that reflects your take on the theme. use whatever mediums, materials, techniques, and foundation that you like! just remember that artist trading cards are always 2.5"x3.5". sign and date the back of your atc legibly.

3) mail your atc to me by the deadline - include a self-addressed stamped envelope.

4) i will gather the atcs into random partner pairs and post the pairs' names here, then I'll mail your partner's atc to you.

ready, set...swap!


  1. I hope this will happen again Lisa... I am just to busy right now, but I really would like one of YOUR ATC's!!


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