Sunday, January 17, 2010

long time no blog!

wow - i can't believe it has been over a week since my last post! i've been writing and creating for the c&t publishing blog and my newsletter, so my poor blog was neglected. :-(

it's a super busy time right now as i prep for the big craft & hobby shows in southern california. i'll have my own booth #758 featuring c&t products at the 2-day consumer show, and then i'm working in the c&t booth #3172 for the next 4 days at the trade show. i'll be doing loads of demos in other booths too, painting and crafting up a storm!

if you are going to either show, please come by and say hello. if you aren't going, i'll do my best to give you the virtual tour! i will be posting daily show updates at the c&t blog with plenty of pics and video...and i'll tweet and facebook some during the shows too.

above is a pic of the yummy batik fabrics i found for my booth curtains, and my dear friend glenna was an absolute peach to sew them up for me! she also made us these adorable name badge holders, and i added an iron-on of my logo.

btw - tonight was my first-ever online radio interview, it was very exciting! tiffany windsor from inspired at home radio interviewed me about c&t's new surface design center. after listening to the recording, i realize i said "cool" way too many times! :-)


  1. Hey, I love the word "Cool". And I can't wait to meet you at the upcoming CHA Craft Show in Anaheim this week. Very cool!


  2. i hope you have fun at the trade show. i looked online at the webpage for the show and it looks like its for the trade only - what a bummer especially since i live in LA now. well, I hope you post some awesome photos on your blog and regale us with tales of all the lovely products and demos that are there. good luck at your booth!!

  3. ps I finally got around to putting a photo on my blog of the 'inspirational words' piece you inspired me to make

  4. listened to the radio interview before you came across really well and you didnt say cool too often!! CHA sounds fab wish I was going!! trying to find the bit where you are singing on the pyjama party!! Have a marvellous time at the CHA and I am sure your booth will do really well

  5. Hello,

    I wish I could attend...may be next time...

    Have a great show!

    ~ Gabriela ~


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