Thursday, November 12, 2009

image collage

this was a fun collage experiment on a 12x12" piece of cardstock, combining stamping, spray masks, heat embossing, pouring medium and angelina fibers. the only boo-boo i made is fusing the angelina fibers to the paper after having already done some heat embossing. my iron smudged some of the images a bit.

here's a close-up of the fibers fused on to the sheet with bo-nash 007 bonding powder.


  1. I like all the experiments on this one..thanks very much for visiting mine and my sons blog..he was made up with all the comments. A tardis is a travelling time machine from his fav show called Dr Who..its quite scary and I used to watch it as a child

  2. Very cool! and I have your new blog address all dialed in, finally!!! :)

  3. I really like your collage. If you upload it to Spoonflower, you could make yardage. Or you could print it on 8.5x11" sheets in your printer.


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