cardmaking madness

on the second sunday of each month, i am hosting a cardmaking madness day...and today was the first! several friends came over and we had the die-cut machine humming, stamps inking, and paper trimming.

here are a few of the cute cards they made today...

and here is the aftermath - we got out all the toys!!!
i was demo-ing alcohol inks on translucent paper and made a slate-color marbley background. then after the ladies left, i checked out a new challenge blog that posts creative prompts. the current prompt is the word "core." the blog host listed several "core" things and phrases, including andromeda's core.

i realized my slate background looked like the the night sky, so i added some different swirls and colors in the center to create my own take on "core."


  1. Thank you so much for participating in the creative prompt project. I love your response! It is so different from mine and the other participants. Hope you and your friends continue to participate!

  2. looks like you had a great time here..

  3. Can I come over and play too? Looks like great fun....the messier the better!


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