some new atc's

i'm very thrifty with my paint, none ever goes to waste. any little leftover puddles on my palette get swiped on to paper, fabric or interfacing to use later as backgrounds, like for these 3 atc's.

on the left is a piece of timtex. i curled the edges up with a heat gun and layered it on a piece of cardstock.

in the middle, i didn't like how another utee-coated atc had turned out, so i chopped it into inchies. i love inchies, such a great way to embellish or collage.

on the right is a cluster of die-cut flowers that were tucked in a drawer of a little cabinet my friend glenna gave me.

yay for upcycling!


  1. Really cool, love those little guys!!!!!!!!

  2. I like these!! Just getting into ATC's.. and I also love the inchies. I don't throw out anything I don't have to!
    Is there a chance we could see the back of your ATC?
    I have what I call 'tops' but not sure how to finish the back...
    thank you, if you will...


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