Sunday, October 25, 2009

inspiration board

i felt like making a quick inspiration board for myself tonight. i wanted to reinforce the feelings i have about being an artist, a crafter, a creative do-er.
i began with a 5"x7" accordion blank board book, and i spritzed color wash sprays over each panel, letting two colors drip and blend. then i pulled out my scrap drawer and glue stick and started adding bits of collage papers and hand-painted papers and fabric.
i allowed myself to work quickly, i put this together in under an hour. it's very liberating and also good practice to make something without thinking too much.

i included a sticker of a picasso painting i really love, as well as my favorite quote of his:
"art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life"

lastly i added some "power words" to each panel:
• don't wait until everything i can be now
• just try
• create and feel art
• live my life well
• do what i love to do!

i hope you try making an inspiration board too, it feels good! many thanks to lorraine, one of my talented friends who inspires me every day...she gave me a few of the collage papers.


  1. What a fabulous idea - I would never have thought of that. I adore browsing your blog - your work is wonderfully vibrant and your textures are amazing

  2. very cool Lisa and a great idea!!!!

  3. like this and the affirming glad those papers came in handy..I am always just putting stuff down randomly rather than planning you say it is very very much for your comments on my blog recently

  4. I can't believe you did this so quickly. great job.

  5. Love it and love making them too :)


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