Sunday, October 04, 2009

forcing myself into the pink

i am not generally a big fan of pink (love the rocker, just not the color so much). but i've been feeling like i need to step out of my black, copper, bronzy, earthtone zone. so here's a mixed media piece i made today.

i started with a 12x12 sheet of heavy white board that was debossed with dots, and painted it with seven different pastel chalk ink pads, which glided over the debossed dots nicely, leaving them whiter. i collaged some inchies that my friend lisa made with glitter glue, tissue, translucent paper, punchinella with white flake medium, painted and melted lutradur, plus punched circles of metallic and velvet papers.
the finishing touch was liquitex pouring medium to create drizzles of swirls and drops of pearls. i used a heat gun after the medium was dry to bubble it up in some spots. i like how it turned soon as i frame it, i will put it up for sale on my etsy.


  1. I see pink is catching..its good to use a different colour the rain effect

  2. Love the waterdrop effect and the wonderful mixed media art, fabulous work and i know what you mean about pink .. i struggle with pink too ... well done with this it certainly doesnt look too girly sweet pink it looks ... rock pink :)
    hugs June x

  3. Lisa, this is FAB!! I love mixed media more and more... as time goes on and I see the variety of effects.
    Pink looks 'good on ya' ...I like pink, but don't use it, I think it is too ... maybe...soft or something?? I don't know, but this is great.

  4. Very nice. I love the colors and the water. Definitely some Pretty Pinks going on over here :-)



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