Saturday, September 26, 2009

prettier butterflies

i got this piece of fabric as a free sample. i was not crazy about the rust and gold combo at all, but i really liked the shape of the butterflies. so i covered it with a wash of interference orange acrylic paint, which toned back the rust color and gives it a sparkly pearlescence. then i painted the outlines of the butterflies and added doodly designs to the wings.

much mo' bettah!


  1. clever and very girly..thanks for visiting my blog today and all the great comments

  2. Very pretty and you certainly gave those butterflies a makeover
    Hugs June xxx

  3. wonderful idea. Although I like both designs. ;)

  4. I got your link through the Fave Crafts and the portfolio pattern.
    Very nice what you do with fabric and painting..... I love both things ^^

    Greetings from Brazil o/


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