my kind of scrapbook

while at a trade show earlier this past spring, i was demonstrating painting on canvas books. over the course of the day, i had painted a cover, but then the book got tucked away.

i found it again and am working it into a scrapbook. i am painting or collaging each page, then adhering snippets of photos of some of the good times i have had. i enjoy remembering each event, the pictures are not in any sequence and so far the ones I have selected span more than 20 years.


  1. ya' couldn't have chosen a more apt description of my Lisa. ;-)

  2. good idea like the colours

  3. Really pretty Lisa, I wish I could be that fun to have around so I could do a whole book about it, you soooo totally rock!!!

  4. What a beautiful use of colors. Great work, as usual!


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