Tuesday, September 15, 2009

i {heart} painting on fabric

today at work we had an in-depth training session from our friends at liquitex, all about acrylic paints, inks and mediums. after a little chemistry lesson, we got to play with a few different techniques for painting on fabric.

i really liked this sun-printing technique; it's from a terrific surface design technique book that c&t publishing is releasing in january.

tonight i painted a rose on top of my sun-printed fabric, click on the picture to get a closer look. the whole piece is about 8 x 11 - i'm really pleased with how this turned out!


  1. Oh Lisa, you should be pleased, just stunning!!!!! wow!!!!

  2. really nice effect..like all the shadows..thanks for visiting my blog today


Thanks so much for visiting my blog - I look forward to visiting yours, too!