chubby dubby

this is little chubby dubby.

first i drew her (or his) outline on paper, then scanned it in to my computer and "handpainted" him (or her) using artrage, then printed her (or him) out on to sticky-back canvas. i adhered the canvas to the circle board book and edged it with chalk ink and inktense pencils, then dabbed peaks of white acrylic paint around him (or her).

now to continue the story...once i decide if chubby dubby is a boy or a girl...


  1. you are toooo funny!!! very cute, I say boy.

  2. may need more hair for a girl, altho' the 3 curls may be female.
    girls usually don't want to be 'chubby,dubby' do they?
    make him 'chucky chubby dubby'?
    'chubby buddy dubby'?


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