Tuesday, July 14, 2009

twilight altered book

this past weekend i took another altered book class from daniela costa. she is totally into the series of twilight books and the movie...for this class, she gave us all a hardbound copy of the first book, along with a huge bag full of papers and embellies.

i went off in my own direction, as i am wont to do. but this is why i love daniela, she is very encouraging and just wants us all to be in our happy place, creating.

we all had to read the book so we could chat about it, and the movie was playing in the background while we worked. now to be honest, i was not nearly as into the book as my fellow classmates and teacher. but once i glued all my pages together and carved my round niche, i decided to put myself in the shoes of the heroine, who fell in love with a vampire.

i tried to think of all the reasons i might find a vampire appealing, then express those things creatively on the page.

i thought of dark romance, gothic beauty, power, wanderlust, mystery, freedom, riches, graceful elegance, and the bliss of complete surrender.

oh yeah, and then there's the abject fear...and um, the interesting way they, uh, commune with nature.
i used liquitex gloss heavy gel medium to glue all the pages together, and distress crackle paint on the edges, love that stuff.
now to put away the bloody mess on my craft table...mwaaaaahhh!


  1. I enjoyed the books, though like you, I'm not obsessed (I'm a huge fan of the vampire genre though. :) I just have other vampire stories that I like more.) Still, fun series and I love what you did with the book. Great job, beautiful altered book. I would have loved to take such a cool class here. Thanks for sharing.

  2. well I think your book is excellent..I read the Twilight book and liked that but wasnt keen on the second one and have still got the third one to read!!

  3. wowsers.. Lisa.. that is fantastic.. yours came out just wonderful! You are the perfect student.. love you!

  4. What a wonderful result! When are you going to teach that? Sign me up! Princess

  5. Lovely, lovely work.... so creative!

    Saskia :)

  6. Gorgeous book! Sounds like an interesting class, although I'm not a Twilight fan myself either :)

  7. This is totally cool. love your take on the character and her emotions about her vampire etc. Your creations are all sublime and this is no exception.

  8. Very nice work ..... you did Bella proud ..... Linda F

  9. I just received my first e-newsletter. I think I see Steampunk in my future. Thanks for the mention, too.



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