Friday, July 17, 2009


last month i painted this windy ocean atc on grunge board. i finally decided what to do with it this month, when I was about to toss out the top sheet of paper in my desk blotter pad that was covered with paint streaks from various projects.

in this piece of painted scrap paper, i suddenly saw the perfect backdrop for this atc. i cropped the best 4x6 section and inked the edges. i placed a smaller piece of yellow handmade japanese tissue paper on top. then i painted and burned a piece of lutradur, inked the curled edges with a gold leafing pen, and layered that under the atc.

i found a really deep white shadow box frame on sale, placed a few seashells inside, and voila!


  1. Makes me see the ocean. I love your versatility. I never know what your next post will be about.

  2. I love the look of this. It's very simple but very eye-catching.

  3. Wow, that looks so great the way you've finished this.

  4. love the ATC but that white frame needs grungyifying!! how about pale blue paint put on distressed embossed metal tape! then again you might be going for the clean look

  5. umpteen "cool points" to you. shadowboxes are just about the neatest things ever! at the crocker art museum in downtown sacramento there's a dinky little "vending machine" tucked into an often overlooked corner...and from it you can purchase little matchbox shadowboxes created by local artists. i don't know...your box reminded me of our little collection. :)


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