Sunday, July 05, 2009

painting inspirations

once when i was flipping through old magazines in my doctor's office, i came across this photograph that richard avedon had shot of barbra streisand. i liked the shapes her body makes in each pose, so i made a rough sketch on some scratch paper and tucked it away in a file. today i found the sketch and decided to paint is my interpretation of this photo in acrylic, 6"x6".


  1. What a fun painting...I love how you used the different colors instead of black and white. The gold really makes it pop!

    Great piece.

  2. this is really good Lisa. I like the separations of the body done with color and spaces. Positive and negative spaces are important. Sammie checks your blog daily, she first described here I am, commenting. Love ya'

  3. clever idea..great little piece of abstract painting

  4. browser is working tonight. Great take on the Barbra S. sketch. It's beautiful.

  5. very creative use of the photographic image, great idea


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