Friday, July 10, 2009

my atc club starts in august!

if you are in the bay area (northern california), i hope you'll come to the first meeting of my new monthly atc club! atc's are lots of fun to make, swap and collect.

you can rsvp on facebook or email me here to sign up. click the flyer here to read the details up close.

i made a quick book of some of the atc's i have collected from other artists and crafters. i used a 10x10 blank board book, kept it simple with solid cardstock backgrounds inside.

the cover is cut from a poster of asian pots by artist lisa ven vertloh. i added a geisha atc made by one of my friends on flickr, sabrina from italy.


  1. these are fun to see.
    you have a very creative mind.
    i hope your class fills up.

  2. nice book for displaying ATCs for your club..I can see 3 of mine on there so glad they are going to be used for inspiration..good luck with your class


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