windy ocean atc

i love do-overs...sometimes they turn out the best!

this began as an aphrodite card, but the stamp smudged, so i painted over it with light blue acrylic.
then i added a thicker peakier layer of iridescent white acrylic. while it was still wet, i dropped dark blue india ink on the lower half for the ocean, letting it travel and puddle, leaving some whitecaps. i love how the ink cracked on top of the textured white so it looks kinda watery.

i dipped a plastic bottle cap into yellow india ink and stamped it for a nice circle of sun and swirled in some red. i finger painted more yellow, red and bronze inks to add mountains and a distant shoreline. added broken glass and glass beads, like a rock in the foreground.

i quite like how this turned out...such a happy ending!