Sunday, May 24, 2009

spinning, blowing, who-ing

i played with pouring medium yesterday...blended it with blue paint to see how long it takes for a puddle of it to dry. the answer is several little puddle wasn't dry when it was time to move my craft mat, so I started blowing on it. blew some of the puddle into a crazy spotchy shape, then i blew trickles of it along natural "drip lines" on the mat. when it was dry, i peeled it off and got these fun glossy plastic-y pieces to collage with.

here's another spin-art atc from my new stash. i added a little plastic owl, and the blue drips of pouring medium, some piercing, and a few metallic dots. cute!


  1. really cool, Lisa, I love all the wonderful things you created, very fun and fantastic, the spin art and it really cool, it reminds me of the Spin art we would do in santa cruz at the boardwalk, back in the day.

  2. Oh I saw this in the Fisk-a-Teer gallery today and tried to leave a comment for you (for some reason it didn't work). I love the spin art ATCs you made! Spin art seems really fun. XOXO


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