Saturday, May 23, 2009

spin art atc's

here are some atc's i made with cast-off spin-art cards from a trade show i recently attended...way fun to crop and embellish!

on the left, i added a piece of painted and burned lutradur, plus some piercing, foil transfers and metal washers.

in the middle, i added a flocked scroll transfer, piercing and 18k gold leaf accents.

on the right, i added glass bead texture gel, crackle medium, and stitching.

i was able to trim out 31 more atcs from this stash - score!! now to work them over...


  1. Very unique...I have a friend who would love this to share!

  2. these are fantastic..I am sure my sons have got one of those spin things in the loft!! will have to have a go with them next week as its half term holiday!! what a great way to use cast offs


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