Wednesday, April 01, 2009

vision board •••

for my friend alyice's new art group on flickr (you should join us), the march challenge was to create a vision board. alyice describes how to create a vision board on her blog.

i wanted to create a mixed media piece that reminds me to be more zen, in spite of the mess and stress that we all have to muck through most days. i chose colors that i read about in a feng shui book...yellow and earth tones are for health, purple and red are for wealth, green is for knowledge. i think life can be pretty darn good if you are healthy, wealthy and wise!

i started by choosing five chinese symbols that I really like the meanings of—chi, which is energy or life-force, and also truth, sage, compassion and harmony.

i washed the background of a folding 12x12 display board with a pale yellow. then i painted the chinese symbols with metallic watercolors, inked the words, and coated the symbols with a hard clear gloss medium. as i started smudging acrylic paint and ink around the edges, i realized that i was creating valleys for my symbols (from an aerial vantage point) and the paint all around the valleys became a metaphor for everyday life...mountains to climb, pits to fall into, the blur of days that I might move through too quickly without stopping to be mindful of the moments. but the valleys are calm, peaceful, open and meandering. after a full day of hiking in the mountains, i need to remember to take time to head down to the valley to relax and reflect.

after painting, i spritzed the valleys with a coppery mist to soften the contrast and give it some glimmer. after that dried, i started dabbing on a heavy gloss gel medium on top of the acrylic with my fingertips to create more texture. in two corners, i added some texture medium that has white flakes in it.

my vision board is sitting on my desk at home, i enjoy looking at it—thanks alyice!!


  1. Oh wow! I will have to go check out your friends sounds interesting.

    I just know your vision board is so shimmery one of those pieces that I really want to see in real life. Great description and meaning...I love it when pieces have meaning.

    Thanks for taking the challenge

  2. Absolutely your art pieces.

  3. This is so very unique - I love the explanation of how and why you created it. Many truthisms there! :) Gorgeous art!

  4. Wow! That is so lovely! I love how you made it abstract so that it's visually pleasing to anyone who looks at it, yet is very symbolic for you, personally!

  5. like all the textures to this


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