Thursday, April 09, 2009


i will be demonstrating for 3 days at the national art materials trade show in kentucky next month...showing off a variety of mediums on unique surfaces like board books, timtex, canvas books, and lutradur. so my brain is twitching and whirling as i develop my schedule and some samples.

my colleague mary and i thought something sculptural with the lutradur would be interesting, and because it is somewhat translucent, we thought it would work well as a luminary. i'm using a little battery operated tealight instead of a real candle for the show though. the pictures above show the front in regular light and by candlelight, and then below are the two side views.

i started with an 8.5x11 sheet of lutradur and painted it with acrylic inks. the inks will bleed into each other along the fibers of the sheet, giving my shapes interesting and unpredictable edges. then i folded it to create the square cylinder shape, leaving a tab along one side, into which i stapled decorative bronze staples with my fastenater.

the icing on the cake is burning a design into the sheet with the versa-tool. the lutradur melts beautifully to make delicate lines, almost like laser etching.

lutradur is just crazy fun!!!


  1. way cool, Lisa, that is going to be fun for people to see at the show. What happened to "wordless wed", I look forward to a beautiful picture.

  2. So there is no glass candle holder holding the piece up? That's so cool!

    I like the decorative staples! It's a nice touch.

  3. Really elegant looking.

  4. this is excellent..must have another play with lutraudr


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