Monday, April 13, 2009


one of my facebook friends is organizing a contest for some of us to make cards with a summer flip-flop sandal theme. the cards will go to a non-profit organization called still someone, they collect handmade cards, shawls, blankets and quilts to give to senior citizens in need.

i decided to make my card in the shape of a flip-flop. i drew a template and used it to cut this perfect swirly paper, then added polka-dot tape for the straps and sides. i coated everything with a gloss gel medium that has tiny little glass beads mixed in. it kind of reminds me of sand. the inside of the card is plain tan stock. when you unfold the card flat, the outside looks like a pair of sandals, although they each are a little different.


  1. Wow, those are the coolest flip flops I've ever seen! I love this one.

  2. Just two, too beach-y.
    These could be mass produced and sold in beach

  3. How wonderful, so creative you are just so talented and good at thinking "outside the box"

  4. How cute! What a great idea for a contest. My hats off to you and your facebook friends!

  5. before I read the post I thought you had painted wooden flip flops..brilliant job

  6. Lisa, thank you so much for the cards you sent to Still Someone. They are all so lovely! Patricia was a doll for organizing this. I know the seniors who receive these cards are going to get a kick out of these flip flops!


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