Sunday, April 19, 2009

beeswax collage

this is the mixed media collage on a 6"x18" wood board that i made in daniela's class, i gave it to my mother for her birthday. the lady behind the window is from a postcard mom brought back from her trip to hawaii, hence the overall islandy colors and imagery.

i used
acrylic paints in green, orange and a hand-blended eggplant for the background, along with a variety of papers and ribbons. i painted the chipboard window frame with 3 colors to make it look aged, then i coated everything with the beeswax.

i added flowers, some glitter and other embellies
(square buttons are carved bone), then accented it with raised geometric designs using 3-d craft paint.

beeswax is kinda messy to work with, but i like the texture it adds!


  1. love the colours on here! :-)

  2. really pretty, thanks for sharing all the information on it, it sounds like work, but a lot of fun.

  3. Beautiful, I am sure your Mother was thrilled!


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