Monday, April 20, 2009

altered cd clock

this week's challenge at one powerful hour is to make something with circles. I decided to alter a junk mail cd with alcohol inks and turn it into a clock for my studio. i didn't bother trying to take off the cd label on the front of the cd, i just turned it over and painted the unlabeled back side for the front of my clock.

the clock parts come in a handy kit from walnut hollow and you can make the clock face from anything you want. since the hole in a cd is a little too big for the nut and bolt that comes in the clock kit, i just added a copper washer in between to fill the gap so nothing slides around.

i brushed a streaky background wash with a caramel color, painted the center with red and blue, then i just squeezed little drops of ink directly from the bottle on top in yellow, red and blue, letting each color dry before adding the next. i made a quick stamp from a metal washer glued to a wooden spool and stamped circles at 12, 3, 6, and 9 to make a clock face. i liked all the circles and dots so much like this, i opted not to add any numbers.

great way to upcycle dead cds and it definitely took only an hour including clean-up!

click here for a really great book on how to make easy and fun fabric clocks with the walnut hollow kits, too.


  1. Oh Wow! Talk about really nailing the challenge...everything is circular and perfect! I was absolutely stunned when I pulled up your entry.

    you could so sell these clocks!

    Thanks for taking the challenge

  2. way cool, what a great idea, you are so creative!!!!!!! I like the clean up time as well, brat. My "studio" is trashed.

  3. Looks like something right out of "that 70 show". Neat idea.

  4. I love this clock! Who would have guessed what creative powers lurk beneath that mild-mannered marketing manager's exterior?


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