Monday, March 02, 2009

new challenge at scrappy hours •••

scrappy hours just posted a fun challenge...a day in the life. head over there and submit your card or layout!

I combined lots of different things i've been wanting to do on a card in this one. it represents "a day in the life" for me in a couple ways. one is that i'd love each day to be full of sunshine, flowers and song...carefree and idyllic.  of course that is cliché and totally unrealistic....but i do my best to capture some of it each day. the other way this card is like "a day in the life" for me is all the different techniques i used, the best day for me is when i discover a new way to create.

i recycled an acetate overlay from a valentine's card i already had the white doodly flower on the front. i dripped alcohol inks on the back and let them bleed into each other for a mottled stained glass effect. i figured out how to create words on my cricut, and i made a pinhole border for the first time. the gold foil behind the floral cut paper is recycled crinkled tissue paper from an xmas gift. 

so it's kinda busy-looking, but i like it, i think it's cheery!


  1. Very pretty! I love that floral cut paper, and reusing the acetate was some clever recycling.

  2. I think this card is excellent with all its layers..I love all the techniques that you have used and the la la la bit makes me funny as a lot of Liverpudlians say "eh la" when they are talking to you!!

  3. This is a great card because it just shots out I am Lisa and who does not want teir live full of sunshine and flowers?

  4. Wow this is such a stunning card its so beautiful, you are so talented
    love tasha


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