Friday, March 13, 2009

excited about ATCs •••

art on a small scale is so great. you get to experiment with new mediums, techniques, colors, textures, surfaces.

this is two atc's in one...the top layer is a sheet of lutradur, which is attached only by the brad in the upper right corner to the bottom layer, which is timtex.

i used acrylic inks and india inks...with no brush. i just painted with the little eyedropper that comes on the cap of the ink jar.

i just love how these surfaces absorb the inks and allow them to naturally bleed into each other.

this one is available for trade!


  1. i'd love to trade with you. i just made some atcs this week (or was it last weekend? I've lost track of time).

    If it's still available and you'd like to trade for one of mine, email me your snail mail addy. Thanks!!

  2. I have timetex, but never thought to use it this way, so very creative Lisa!


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