Saturday, March 07, 2009

carnival issue 9 •••••family fun

a crafty pal of mine, kiera, was experimenting with those paper ornaments you make with circles, only her first try came out triangular instead of like a sphere. i couldn't bear to toss it, so i pinched the centers together with embroidery floss and embellished it with lots of pink flowers and glitter fairy accents. i added some beads to hang it and it will be a perfect treat for some little pink-loving girl.

so i received lots of submissions for this issue - thanks to everyone who contributed.  let's start this blog hop with some family fun projects, shall we?

• rose at fine craft guild shares an age-old tutorial for making tissue-paper flowers. these days with so many gorgeous handmade tissue papers, these don't have to be your kindergardener's bouquets anymore. it was so funny, i had been talking about this very thing to a co-worker, and the next day rose sent me an email with this link! the universe at work, my friends...

• rose also gave me the links to her paper maché recipe and st. patrick's day crafts - great stuff!

• if you've always wanted to start a scrapbook, but didn't know where to begin, check out vanessa's basics for beginners post on her blog.

• darcy shows you how to make these sweet paper lanterns on smart-bottom enterprises.

• i have to give a shout out to the ever-popular crafty chica...she altered a wood lantern with scrapbook paper.

• my pal daniela has the best're gonna wanna buy this hanging sentiments project!

• i love paper beads!  cheryl posted a few pics that show how easy and fun it is.  i also recommend a book called creative beads from paper and fabric....which is on sale for only $2.99!!

• i found this site with the most adorable paper birds - so simple to make too!

• while we're on the bird theme....who could resist erika's little paper owls with paper clip legs?

i can't wait to try Nita's technique for encasing leaves in rice paper for collage - cool!

that's a wrap - thanks for hoppin' along with me, hope you found some inspiration along the way!


  1. Thank you for inclusion in the Carnival, and even more importantly, THANK YOU for finding these great projects for us.

    I adore that bird post. Great great great for Spring break, and then to have around till Easter.

    I just made a 'real' bird nest with my girl and a friend, so the two of them go together... in a future blog article, I gather.

  2. Great post! Those paper birds are adorable! Thank you so much for including my paper lanterns. :)


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